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Priyanka Chopra always looks elevated and cool in that not-trying-so-hard kind of way. (AP File Photo)

Do you know what today is? It’s Priyanka Chopra’s birthday. And not just any birthday — it’s the big 3-6. Having memorised all the stunning designer dresses Priyanka’s recently wornfrom one high profile event to the next, we have to say, the actor has taught us a thing or two about style. Just like a true Cancerian, she’s a mix of classic and contemporary.

Given that she’s representing the the Indian film industry on an international stage, Priyanka needs to look chic and polished and select outfits that’ll photograph well and won’t date after several months. It’s no easy task to tick all these boxes, while also pleasing the fashion crowd. But Priyanka does it work by making fashion-forward and unexpected choices, experimenting with new silhouettes, and subtly nodding toward the latest trends.

Priyanka has been a treasure trove of style inspiration. And while she may have a big budget and access to designers us normal folks don’t, we can all take fashion cues from Priyanka. Whether your look skews toward comfy and casual or bold and edgy, here are style lessons we can all learn from Priyanka Chopra on her 36th birthday:

1. Don’t be afraid of colour

While some stars might stay in the neutral zone, Priyanka doesn’t shy away from vibrant hues, especially when it comes to tangerine, pink and red.

2. Never forget your authentic style

You can put the girl in a royal wedding, but you can never separate her from her blue denims. Whenever she can, Priyanka continues to embrace her casual-chic aesthetic.

3. Wear your favourites again and again. And again

Though we’ve never been granted a peek into Priyanka’s closet, we’re sure she has an endless variety of options. But she proves that when you love something, wear it over and over, like a white crop top she’s rocked multiple times.

4. Mix high and low

Every celeb loves Versace. And Priyanka is no different. She frequently wears the high-end designer label. But she effortlessly mixes it with affordable pieces like the above tee from Los Angeles-based fast fashion label A.L.C. In the process showing us white T-shirts are a must-have.

5. Every woman needs a nude pump

Priyanka stands at 5’8, but she embraces the leg-lengthening trick every woman should know: Sheer heels make you look taller. Finding a nude shade that’s just right for you is a must.

Thank you for teaching us, Priyanka.


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