International comic artist Pat Lee has tried his hand at jewellery design with impressive results. Lee, known for his work on the Transformers franchise, and various Marvel and DC comic titles, recently designed a jewellery series inspired by Egypt’s rich history.

The collection consists of 30 one-of-a-kind pieces, which drew upon various signs and symbols prevalent in ancient Egyptian history including the infinity sign, pyramid, heart, skull, serpent, galaxy, Nefertiti and Rah.

In an interview, Lee, together with Alice Wong of Joaillier Privé, talked about his partnership with the

bespoke jewellery brand of diamond specialist Dimexon Group, and the inspiration behind the Ascension Collection.

JNA: The Ascension Collection is the first high jewellery series that you have ever worked on. Did you find the experience challenging?

Pat Lee: Designing a piece of jewellery is almost similar to designing a toy – you have to plan the front, back and side, and you have to create a layout first, which slowly evolves into a fine piece. Comics are more story-related whereas with jewellery, you have to focus on a singular piece. Jewellery actually takes more time to create just because it has to be perfect. Usually, at Marvel and DC, you are given more flexibility in terms of style but with jewellery, you have to be very precise as to how you like the pieces to look like. This means you have to plan everything from the diamonds and coloured gemstones that you want to use to the size and weight of the piece.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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