Model Janine Quick, 23, before and after Emmie’s amazing transformation

A 23-year-old make-up artist who has gained a huge following online thanks to her stunning results has found her services almost fully booked through 2019.

Emmie Green works from her home studio in Ivybridge, transforming the way women look with classic, glamorous and bridal make-overs.

She said: “Make-up was always a bit of an outlet for me. I felt at home with a brush in my hand. I didn’t excel in the academic side of school. Maths was like Chinese to me. It just doesn’t make any sense.

“But make-up and art just came really naturally to me.” When she finished school, Emmie said that she wanted to make the most of her natural talents, and decided to turn her passion into a career. She said: “Taking it into a career happened when I left school.

“I went straight into working at Benefit cosmetics in Plymouth and I worked there for four years.” After four years with Benefit Emmie said that she wanted a change and decided to go it alone, reports plymouthherald.

Emmie said: “I was on maternity leave and I thought if I’m gonna do it ever I’m gonna have to do it now.

Emmie applying eyeliner during the transformation

“So I just gave myself a push, pushed myself into it and spent a lot of money building up my kit and everything. I just did makeup on everybody I could get my hands on.

“I would make my friends and family sit down in front of me so I could just do their makeup from start to finish. I think that is what helped me so much. Just practising, practising, practising.”


Make-up artist and mother-of-two Emmie Green

“It has taken its time to build up to what it is now. It didn’t happen overnight.”

Nowadays Emmie has a huge following on social media and has racked up almost 3,000 Facebook likes and more than 900 followers on Instagram. She said: “For me social media has really made my business grow a lot.

“It has definitely helped get my name out there.”


Emmie working her magic on model Janine Quick

“My diary is pretty fully booked for next year and 2019 is also looking pretty nearly fully booked. Emmie said she is constantly taking on new clients for a range of different appointments.

She said: “I have a lot of brides every weekend from January all the way through to December. I normally have around five weddings every weekend. “Then throughout Monday to Thursday I’m doing a lot of make-up lessons like one-to-ones.


Make-up artist Emmie Green with model Janine Quick

“On Saturday evenings as well I’m doing a lot of glam make-up appointments. Then proms, graduations and balls.

“I am working seven days a week and it doesn’t really stop ever.” She said: “You’ve got to have a passion for it.

“You can’t just go into it expecting it to be easy and to have loads of money because it’s not the career you choose if that is what you want. But it’s worth it. I love it.”

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