Dora Baghriche-Arnaud is the perfumer behind Olfactive Studio’s latest fragrance,Still Life in Rio, which has been inspired by a photo by young Brazilian photographer, Flávio Veloso.

Baghriche-Arnaud previously created the fragrance, Still Life, for the company but they say the new fragrance is “A new setting, a new objective and
a new fragrance that doesn’t live in the shadow of Still Life, but shines on its own.”

This is the brand’s first experience of picking a destination, yet the approach remains staunchly photographic. The eyes are treated to a unique view of the bay. Taken by Brazilian photographer Flavio Veloso, the picture captures Rio’s beauty at that special moment when the sky ignites and spreads its golden shroud.

At dawn, he ventured to the emblematic Corcovado where the majestic statue of Christ stands. The picture was snapped from the viewing platform at the peak. A moment in time that conveys strength and fullness.

Still Life in Rio is a vibrant scene that depicts awakening. The elements unfurl, striking a pleasant balance, skirting the water, skirting the skin. A landscape with hypnotic boulders forming a myriad of tiny islands, including the familiar Sugarloaf; the enticing waters of Guanabara Bay; unparalleled light; the gentle presence of plant life and city peaks; reflections rippling across the stone balcony whence this view was sourced. The dawning, the beginning of each material.

Still Life in Rio
The fragrance features top notes of yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon and tangerine; heart notes include jamaican hot peppers, red pepper, black pepper and coconut water; and the base contains rum, brazilian copaiba resin and white leather.Still Life in Rio will be available as Eau de Parfum in 50ml and 100ml sizes.


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