With Valentine’s Day is approaching, it’s the perfect time for couples to spice up their relationship and learn the art of salsa dance!

It’s an excellent time, as a dance studio owner, to advertise dance lessons and offer couples with the perfect location for them to enjoy a night out and get to know one another all over again.

Classified ads, both online and off line, are excellent for gaining exposure and driving traffic to your business. Using classified advertising helps your dance studio by:

• Introducing your business to a broad range of potential students.
• Getting your dance studio in front of both consumers and media.
• Acting as a compliment to other marketing and advertising techniques.

Before you place an ad to promote your dance studio, there are several things you should consider:

Keep it simple. Before placing a classified ad, you need to think of the message you want to send out. Don’t drench your ads creative studio with too much information. Develop a catchy tag line that will grab the interest of potential students, for example, “learn how to be lovers outside of the bedroom! Learn the art of Salsa dance.” Then provide the necessary contact information (email, phone number and website) to lead them to you.

Advertise online through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Placing a pay-per-click ad is an effective way to get your business name in front of your target audience. It works by appearing on websites related to your industry through keywords and key phrases defined by you. One very popular and inexpensive pay-per-click service is Google AdWords, which allows you to run ads for as long as you wish, at the cost you are comfortable with.

Take advantage of free classified ads online. Place an ad on high traffic online classifieds to get your name out to a large audience in your specific area. Such websites as Craigslist and Kijiji are very popular and offer you the chance to promote your services without making a dent in your marketing budget.

Connect with established companies in your industry. Introduce yourself and form a business relationship with already established companies in your industry such as salsa dance wear stores, dance industry magazines and dance studio software companies. Inquire about placing an ad on their high traffic websites to help increase your credibility and web traffic.

Advertise through social media. Social media is excellent for establishing relationships with your target audience. It’s also excellent for advertising your services.

Very similar to Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising, Facebook allows you to select your specific audience and location and pay only when people click on your ad.

By establishing yourself on Twitter, you can place an “ad” simply by having your followers retweet what you’re offering such as a two for one salsa instruction on Valentine’s Day!

Advertise through your local newspaper and magazine. Broaden your reach by advertising to potential dance students both online and offline. Most newspapers offer a classified ad section through their traditional paper circulation and website. And many free local shopping magazines showcase a classified ad section filled with local businesses and events.

Whether it’s through a popular online website or magazine, social media or your traditional newspaper, placing a classified ad is a cost effective way to drive traffic to your website, generate interest in your dance studio and acquire new and loyal dance students.

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