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Pick the right formula. Swatch test a lipstick before buying. Apply it on your hand, let it dry. Dab an alcohol-based toner on the edge of the swatch. Rub it and see how much it fades. Follow the same with a lotion. This is how you know the formula will not betray you.

Don’t apply lipstick on chapped lips. 
When you apply a matte lipstick on chapped lips, you start picking your lips, because they feel rough. Or you apply lip balm on top. All of these make lipstick peel and come off.

Prime your lips by using a hydrating, thick cream as base.

Use lip liner. 
Lip liner might have started out as a product with which one outlines their lips, but off late, it has become very popular for filling in lips. Extremely pigmented and hard, they are formulated to be a lot more matte than lipsticks and hence, stay on the lips longer. Therefore, a lip liner base, is crucial if you want your lipstick to stay put.

First, apply your lipstick. Then, pat the colour down with your fingers. Now, apply another layer of lipstick. After this, dab a tissue between your lips and dust some powder on the tissue. Follow this with one final coat of lipstick.

Eat right. 
Oil can remove any makeup, however stubborn or transfer-proof. So, eating carefully, and eating the right food, is important. If you are going for a dinner date, or an important meeting which involves food, be careful not to order something very oily. And take small bites.

If all else fails, reapply your lip colour liberally without feeling self-conscious.





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