Get ready to make some more space in your makeup bag, because MAC Cosmetics have just dropped five limited-edition lip kits in some of their most iconic red shades. The brand first launched lip kits made out of their OG nude lip liners and lipsticks, like “Whirl” and “Velvet Teddy,” in January, and then followed up that release with five additional lip kits in some seriously stunning purple and burgundy shades, like “Investigator” and “Sin” in March, and five more shades of brown in April.

But starting right now, you can score another yet another round of limited-edition lip kits (!!) in some of the beauty giant’s signature red hues.

Curious to see all five kits and what they look like on? Keep scrolling.

1. MAC Lipstick in “Ruby Woo” / Lip Pencil in “Ruby Woo”


2. MAC Lipstick in “Chili” / Lip Pencil in “Auburn”


3. MAC Lipstick in “Diva” / Lip Pencil in “Burgundy”


4. MAC Lipstick in “Lady Danger” / Lip Pencil in “Redd”

5. MAC Lipstick in “Russian Red” / Lip Pencil in “Follow Your Heart”


Okay, now here’s what they all look like on thanks to MAC pro makeup artist Regan Rabanal and five gorgeous models:

1. Two-Toned Lips:


1. Line you top lip slightly outside of the perimeter of your mouth to create fullness. Regan used “Ruby Woo” Lip Pencil.

2. Fill in your upper lip with a complementary red hue, like “Lady Danger.”

3. Swipe on an orange shade over your bottom lip. Regan used “Morange”

4. Finish your look off with some gloss.


2. Gilded Berry Pout:

1. Outline your entire mouth with a burgundy lip liner. Follow your natural lip line for the perfect application. Regan used MAC’s “Burgundy”.

2. Fill in your lips with a wine-coloured lipstick. Regan used “Diva”.

3. Line your lips with gold pigment. First, mix a gold pigment with a mixing medium to create the golden formula. Then, using a flat-tip lip brush, outline your lips by stamping the gold pigment along the perimeter of your mouth.

4. Diffuse the gold pigment to create an ombré effect. Use a mini fan brush to gently pull the golden hue toward the centre of your mouth.


3. Crimson Confetti Lips:

2. Mix a red, finely-milled glitter with gloss and apply it over your entire mouth.

3. Pop on silver confetti glitter for a dramatic effect.


4. Flawlessly Faded Pout:


1. Conceal your lower lip with a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly.

2. Sharpen your Cupid’s bow using a lip liner to create an “X” formation, and then line the rest of your top lip. Regan used Ruby Woo.

3. Fill in your top lip with the same liner you used in step three.

4. Mash your lips together to transfer some of the red shade onto your bottom lip for a diffused look.

5. Fade the colour even more with a fluffy eye shadow brush for the complete ombré effect.

5. Stunning Oil Spill Lips:


1. Apply a red lipstick with subtle brown undertones all over your mouth. Regan used MAC’s “Chili” lipstick.

2. Pat a shimmery purple eye shadow over the perimeter of your mouth. Regan used “Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop”.

3. Add a pop of gold shimmer in centre of your mouth. Regan used MAC’s “I Like To Watch”.

4. Finish by patting some teal, glittery shadow on the outer corners of your mouth. Regan used “Try Me On” to finish the oil spill effect.

[Source:- cosmopolitan]

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