NEW DELHI: Social media has opened a new world for sellers across India. It has become a modern sales tool for many companies because users are growing day by day on social media platforms.

With their large following, there are many sites working hard to keep users engaged on their platform by constantly offering new and improved features and functions. Thanks to social media, 45 percent of businesses are benefitted on marketing costs.

Keeping in mind the demands of the market, e-commerce platforms are now providing the small sellers with a tool to sell on their social media platforms, equipping them with necessary marketing tools to boost their business and reach the potential buyers.
Here are some apps which can help one to sell their products, establish credibility, and win customers over social media:

•    Kraftly:  A C2C e-commerce platform that helps the small sellers and home entrepreneurs to set up a shop online. They also offer the sellers with an option to do the social selling. The seller profile on Kraftly is provided with a tool to share their product detail on various social media platforms from which their buyers can buy the product.

•    Meesho:  This app is the largest online market place for resellers in India. It offers tools to Home entrepreneurs to help them start their own businesses through WhatsApp and Facebook connectivity.

•    Limeroad:  Create your online store with the LimeRoad App in just a minute. It helps you to sell your products to millions of customers across India. Upload your products/catalog, customize your store, share with your customers (via Facebook, WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS, Pinterest, Instagram and more) and manage your orders – all from your mobile phone. Zero investment. Your own store.

•    Roposo:  A fashion social networking app that helps small boutiques and SMBs to scale up their business. Roposo is the ultimate destination for fashion connoisseurs to socialize, discover trends, inspire, get inspired and exhibit their products online.

It vouches for small scale manufacturers and sellers / SMEs / Home entrepreneurs by helping them reach masses in a unique way. For the same reason it introduced a Chat-to-buy feature. This feature eases the communication between sellers and buyers. Most importantly, the chat-to-buy feature completes the loop of leads, transactions, and engagement by enabling purchases through the platform itself with just a few clicks.


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