Home to world-class companies, gifted artisans and incredibly talented designers, Thailand continues to fortify its position as one of the brightest stars in the global jewellery and gemstone sector.

In this issue, JNA takes a look at the growth strategies, innovative solutions, accomplishments and ambitions of our very own “Big Four” – four exceptional players in Thailand’s jewellery and gemstone industry that shine for a number of reasons. These frontrunners have achieved business longevity, think and act globally, push for innovative processes, are agile and flexible, and are aggressively chasing growth opportunities.

In our book, these trailblazers are Regal Jewelry, Pranda Group, The Premier Group and China Stone Co Ltd.


Regal Jewelry is making its mark in the global jewellery industry with its strengths in jewellery design, quality manufacturing and price management positioning. Founded three decades ago by Taiwan’s master goldsmith, Lin Pi-yuan, the Thailand-based company prides itself for its ability to meet customers’ needs – from product concept and design to mass production and packaging.

“Regal does not only see itself as a manufacturer but also as a close partner to our customers. Our clients are high-profile global brands, national brands and jewellery chain stores. We actively research about jewellery trends – be it designs, new materials and new techniques.”


One of Thailand’s most global companies, Pranda Group continues to make waves in the international jewellery arena with its “The Architecture of Craftsmanship” philosophy – a brand promise that expresses the group’s commitment to deliver the best solutions to its business partners.

“In 2017, Pranda continuously aims to provide and deliver the finest products that meet our customers’ expectations, from materials sourcing and highly-skilled craftsmanship production to on-time delivery. This type of partnership leads to mutual success,” said Chanat Sorakraikitikul, executive director of Pranda Group.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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