Jewellery collection combines Eastern & Western aesthetics

From the dawn of time, nature has served as an inspiration for many an artwork, poem, and adornment for women who adore draping themselves in exquisite jewellery. TSL Jewellery’s newest collection of timeless classics reflects the enchanting dynamic of nature through The Signature Collection.

The 12 Treasures consists of a range of necklaces and rings that demonstrate the brand’s vision of “trend-setting craftsmanship” with meticulous attention to detail.

The 12 Treasures, a stellar array of exquisitely crafted jewellery, presented in September 2018, injects modern French elements into traditional Chinese designs to amalgamate the essence of Western and Chinese culture.

This incredible East-Meets-West incarnation of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs is a collaboration between TSL and Isa Parvex, a renowned French jewellery designer known for her avant-garde creations of unique artistry.

All 12 creatures are the ones we have come to know and love since the beginning of Chinese culture as interpreted based on a Western perspective, with an innovative touch of modern jewellery – with this the 12 creatures are given a new lease of life with a unique positive energy.

Every creature in the collection is featured in four different types of jewellery variations – large (which are limited edition) and small white gold pendants, gold pendants and on a ring, all of which feature green garnets.

The Dragon, a mythical creature blessed with infinite power, brings opportunity to everyone who embraces it, while the monkey brings energy and joy to the wearer.

Gaze into the green garnets that make up the mysterious Snake’s eyes, an allure that has served as inspiration for art for centuries.
From the dragon to the rabbit, each piece brings something unique to the wearer, a breath of fresh air in the world of traditional jewellery.

In its pursuit of unconventional jewellery to encapsulate the aesthetic beauty of the Chinese zodiac from a fresh new perspective, TSL creates the magical “Wanderland,” where the 12 Treasures roam and bless everyone with positivity and luck; where power and energy grasp your hand and opportunity and love embrace your heart.

A combination of sleek contemporary designs, the collection breaks away from traditional silhouettes of Chinese zodiac jewellery, in a production process that spanned more than two years.

Isa was inspired by her research findings about the characters of animals and Chinese culture, and she used geometric lines to depict the different forms and symbolisms of each zodiac creature, representing unique positive energy in perfect harmony.

The 12 Treasures collection also presents limited edition pendants each engraved with a unique serial number.

Thanks to the superior skills of the TSL team in achieving a stringent standard of meticulous craftmanship, made possible through sketches and 3D rendering to gemstone setting, the designs themselves come to life and grace the wearer with a glow.

Each component is singled out for detailed polishing to heighten the three-dimensionality in the ears, mouths and tails, while detailed hand carvings and moveable parts add to the lively depiction of the creatures. The intricate overlapped setting is used to highlight the radiance of the gemstones, while the lustrous green garnet eyes evoke a sense of liveliness.

To master the exceptional craftwork of delicate details, the production team went through extensive training in Switzerland.

From their establishment in 1971, the brand has almost half a century of experience in the industry, an achievement driven by a passion for progressiveness, quality and professionalism.


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