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A Sydney jeweller is offering engaged couples the chance to watch him melt the gold for their wedding rings in a unique in-store event.

Michael Fallah, the owner of the newly opened Mick the Jeweller store in Haberfield, said he decided to offer the ‘Melting Process’ to clients to help differentiate his business from more traditional jewellery stores.

“I’ve had about 15 to 20 people take part in the melting process so far and all of the feedback has been positive,” he said.

“They love the fact that they get to be a part of the making of their pieces and see exactly what goes on behind the scenes. They enjoy the one-on-one interaction that builds a trusting relationship with the jeweller which is so important when spending a great deal on a luxury product.

“I like to spoil my clients with a bit of champagne and chocolates for the ladies and a scotch and cigar for the gentlemen upon completion of the piece. This just makes the whole process a really special celebratory event.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Fallah, who has been a jeweller for 13 years, said he was determined to make his store “a little different” than traditional jewellery stores.

Apart from offering the ‘Melting Process’, Fallah has also positioned his jewellery bench in the front window of his store.

“Instead of hiding the craftsman who creates the beautiful pieces in the back, the workbench is situated in view of the studio’s window front so anyone walking along the street can see me at work,” he said.

“The transparency in having the jeweller work so openly in view of the public eye creates not only an interesting experience for the client but also allows them to build trust with the salesman/jeweller.”

Fallah said the new store, which officially opened its doors on May 2, is attracting a lot of customers in their ‘20s and 30s’.

[Source:- Jewelleryworld]

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