Many people enjoy buying perfumes. A whiff of a good-quality scent can elevate your mood. Sometimes, its lingering smell on clothes can bring back old memories and make you feel nostalgic.

Is there a right and wrong way to wear perfume? Find out | Lifestyle News,The  Indian Express

Sneha Gupta, a personality coach, writes on Instagram that you can “communicate a lot with your fragrance” and that “olfactory (the sense of smell) is a very important aspect of non-verbal communication”.

What is the right way to wear perfume?

According to Gupta, the correct way would be to:

1. Spray 1-2 or 3-4 sprays depending on the type of perfume, for optimum fragrance.

2. Apply it just on pulse points, the points where you feel the heartbeat: on the wrist, on the neck between the clavicle, behind the ears, behind knees, on the folds of the elbow.

3. Keep a distance of 5-7 inches, ensuring the right amount of drops on the skin, instead of leaving a voluminous trace.


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