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If you decided that you wanted to buy Instagram likes online, then you should think again. The reality is that it doesn’t pay off. Sure you’ll get 1,000 or more quick likes and it will feel great while it’s happening, but none of it will be real. What’s worse is that Instagram knows that you’re buying your way to the top and they don’t like it. In fact it makes them angry. You won’t like Instagram when they’re angry because they’ll delete your account. It’s true too, Instagram has stepped up its game over the past few years because its parent company, Facebook, wants to make sure that Instagram is as friendly to marketers as humanly possible. So much so that Instagram will suspend your account even if it has the appearance of being fraudulent — because it is their service, they can terminate users at their own prerogative without warning.

The Purge: Instagram’s Response to Bots

Instagram has been known to purge thousands of accounts in a single day. This has led many high profile accounts to lose their reputations and accounts all together. The rapper Mase reportedly lost 1.3 million followers in a single day, following one of Instagram spam purges. The question you really need to ask yourself, before you purchase Instagram likes, is if you’re willing to roll those kinds of dice. On the one hand, it buys you instant credibility and raises your profile to new heights, but, on the other hand, you’re risking losing your entire account. If you’ve spent hundred of dollars on your Instagram account — these kinds of actions could be severe. Many users has claimed that their accounts have been suspended without any indications as to why.

The Instagram community guidelines clearly state that any account may be terminated if it appears to use spamful tactics. Spamful tactics could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. There are guides out there on the internet about how to play the Instagram game successfully, and most of those guidelines include details about how many likes and follows you should create on a single day. That’s interesting to mention — Instagram considers your account spamful if you like and follow people too often. This is a common action of many bots, so it makes good sense.

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