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While fashion may seem inconsequential and frivolous at times, how you approach dressing can have ripple effects on other parts of your life. Taking sartorial risks can have a multitude of benefits, from helping you to escape the mundane to giving you the confidence to try new things.

That said, there’s always the fear that taking a big fashion risk will result in having a big fashion regret. To get more insight into how and why we should take fashion risks, we asked some of the industry’s leading stylists to share some well-earned wisdom. Here’s to stepping out of our fashion comfort zones and having a statement-making summer!

Fashion risks get you noticed

“Two of my favorite quotes are: ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring,’ by Marilyn Monroe and ‘People will stare. Make it worth their while,’ by Harry Winston. When you take fashion risks, people take notice. It inspires them to want to know more about the person behind the outfit. Fashion risks get people thinking.” — Kim Dunn

Fashion risks keep things exciting

“Fashion is the ultimate outward expression of your personality, thoughts and ideals. Just as it’s important to take risks in your personal life, it’s very important to take risks in your fashion. It keeps you from feeling stale and stifled and may actually result in your falling in love with something you never thought you could.” — Madison Guest

Fashion risks help you grow

“It’s important to take fashion risks because it helps you learn what works for you best. You may stumble along the way and make some outfit choices you feel like you regret, but at the end of the day, those mistakes only help you define and grow your personal style. A takeaway tip to taking fashion risks is when you’re trying something new for your style, pair it with things you’re super comfortable with — it will help you make that transition into seeing what works for you much easier. For example, wearing sparkly bell-bottom pants may feel 100 percent outside of your comfort zone (and also intriguing!), but dressing it down with a hoodie and sneakers makes it much more wearable, which opens you up to lots of new and fun fashion possibilities.” — Haley Loewenthal

Fashion risks teach you not to be afraid

“It can be daunting to try new things, especially when it has to do with wearing them on your body! That’s why experimenting [with accessories] is an easy way to channel a new style sensibility into your everyday look without having to piece together a whole outfit.” — Lindsay Albanese

Fashion risks provide escapism

“Try unexpected accessories, which work to add something special to an outfit while providing a bit of escapism to an otherwise mundane day.” — Zerina Akers


Fashion risks can be fun

“Fashion shouldn’t always be serious. Taking risks reminds you that you can add a little fun into your day-to-day life. My favorite fashion risk is playing with color. You should never be afraid to don bright looks. I always say, the more the merrier and the brighter the better.” — Zerina Akers

Fashion risks help you flex your creativity

“Experiment with bold prints and see how that newfound attitude pushes you to take bolder risks in life. A rule of thumb is to start by picking colors that complement. For example, if it’s a teal item, you can do an orange print to go with it. You can also match two prints together by selecting a color the prints have in common. Also, a larger print contrasting with a smaller print can have a beautiful turnout.” — Zerina Akers

Fashion risks can be a form of self-expression

“Taking risk in fashion is a great way to find out more about yourself. Everything you wear says a little something about you. Fashion is a form of self-expression and a great way to show your personality as well as versatility.” — George Brescia


Fashion risks express your individuality

“Just have fun! Fashion showcases a lot about the individual, so make sure you try new trends, colors, prints and styles. Versatility in fashion is a great way to dress for the occasion while still maintaining your own personal flair.” — George Brescia

Fashion risks help you figure out what works for you

“It’s important to know your body. Find out what brands, cuts and silhouettes work best for you and work with them. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting garment.” — George Brescia



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