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Ikea’s legendary blue shopper bag has been the source of inspiration for many trend-setters over the years, with anyone who can get their hands on one putting their own twist on the tote.

Following Balenciaga’s sickeningly overpriced “IKEA-inspired” tote bag, everyone has been jumping on the style hype of the 40p carrier from the Dutch retailer.

The appeal of Ikea’s image has become so strong that people across the world are again utilising the big, sturdy, blue bag for their own Scandi-inspired accessories and clothes.

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Brave Instagrammers and inventive designers are appropriating real Ikea Frakta bags and turning them into an array of their own custom Ikea garms. From a cap to high tops to tracksuit bottoms to a bumbag to a face mask and even a thong, these resourceful makers prove the iconic blue bag will work as anything.

Exploring the #Frakta hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see that masses of people are creating their own accessories. Some have even responded directly to Balenciaga.

With the rise of hype surrounding fashion brand Vetements, which regularly parodies other label’s well-known looks, fashion as art has been a growing conversation. It has even been argued that “the Balenciaga bag is a great example of how contemporary fashion is like contemporary art.”

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Vetements’ head, Demna Gvasalia, was named Balenciaga’s creative director after Alexander Wang stepped down, so it’s no surprise the Frakta fake was designed.

When Balenciaga unveiled their rip-off of the Frakta last month, the fashion world went wild. The rest of us wondered why the hell the fashion label was charging a whopping £1,365 for the fashion version of an iconically cheap and robust bag that everyone has stored away in cupboards or under their stairs.

Ikea didn’t wallow in copyright infringement worry though. Swedish agency Acne responded to Balenciaga Balenciaga’s SS17 men’s collection in the most tongue-in-cheek way: by swiftly turning around an advert detailing how to identify an original from the ‘copy’.

“We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the IKEA iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents,” Ikea responded, thrilled about the entire scenario. “Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!”


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