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Hair loss is perfectly normal at a certain age the hair thinning and receding hairline get normal. Thinning of hair progresses over time, with hair strands continuously growing finely and thinning until it finally disappears.

Some other important factors for hair loss or receding hairline are stress, anxiety, illness, and even pollution is said to accelerate a receding hairline, smoking and drug use may also play a part, as well as your eating choices like a sugar-rich junk food diet.

Many medical treatments are available for stopping the receding hairline or hair loss pattern but they are quite expensive and everyone cannot afford them. So, following and trying some home remedies may help you with hair growth and good looks.

Hair loss or hair thinning, can be controlled if you take the adequate steps to deal with it, here are some home remedies you can follow to stop receding hairline naturally.

How to stop receding hairline naturally

1. Healthy and right diet:

Having the right diet that promotes hair growth, you should also create a healthy meal plan with a dietitian if you’re experiencing hair loss, especially one that is high in protein and iron. Consuming a quality multivitamin daily will help keep your nutrition levels in check.

2. Stress control:

Regular exercise and reduced stress levels help minimize hair loss. Stress and anxiety are major causes of hair loss. Being stressed or having a shock to the system can disrupt the natural growth and rest cycle of the follicle, causing them to stop growing or begin falling out.

3. Massage and oiling:

Being regular with hair-friendly shampoos and treatments for your hair loss, brushing hair daily to increase blood flow and circulation and regular trims also help. Oiling hair weekly, using anti-dandruff products like shampoo and conditioner, and lastly, a cream or hair mask to take care of your drying scalp.

4. Don’t blow dry:

Blow drying your hair not only dries it out but also makes it brittle and prone to breakage. Let your hair dry naturally and also avoid brushing it until your hair is completely dry as this can also pull the hair out.


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