Looking for an engaging IWD event speaker?

Do you work for a TV show, radio show, podcast, conference, or event planning firm? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to find a guest speaker that is an authority or an expert within their space.

It’s no secret that the name of the game for inviting guest speakers is to find people in very unique niches in order to make the programming you are creating interesting and unique as well. The more unique the guest speaker, the better potential your show has of getting more views or listeners.

But how do you find really awesome guest speakers for your show or segment?

Guest Speaker Research

People come from many different backgrounds when it comes to demographics, education, and cultures. Thankfully there are services that provide ways for you to quickly search and find guest speakers for your segments. These services often collect background information on these speakers so that you can see at-a-glance information you can reference to find out their unique qualities when pitching them to being a guest speaker on your program. For example, if you are looking for a commentator & former political advisor minister of Israel, these sorts of services can help you to pinpoint a person with a very specific background requirement.

A good guest speaker service should have a decent collection of guest speakers with many unique backgrounds and expertise. This alone can be a great indicator that this guest speaking service is worth your time and should be pursued.


Just because a potential guest speaker may have the background and expertise requirements you are looking for, doesn’t mean that they are great behind a camera or a microphone. Finding experts that have some chops speaking to a group of people is another thing entirely. Thankfully guest speaker services that you can trust do all of the vettings to make sure that the guest speakers that they allow you to search for have the guest speaking experience so that you can trust that they’ll do a great job on your show or program if you invite them to speak.

As you can see, having an easy way to search for, find, and research potential guest speakers is something you should look for when considering using a guest speaker service. These services can be an absolute godsend as they can drastically speed up the time it would normally take to do outreach, research, and vetting of a potential guest speaker on your show or podcast. By using a trusted service that vets its guest speakers, you can also rely on these services to provide you with a large group of professional and savvy guest speakers who will do great behind a camera, microphone, or in a room full of people.

Having confidence in the guest speakers that you choose is extremely important as it can help to ensure that your brand is not tarnished, but instead bolstered as people can trust the types of guests that you bring onto your platforms.

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