Car coats, goggles and driving caps all have their special place in the history of motoring fashion (yep, motoring fashion was a thing). But as the chariot slowly morphed into a luxury SUV, our need of traditional driving accessories, somewhat sadly, disappeared. If you want to add some serious style, and a bit of fun, to your daily commute, these are the accessories that will do the trick.

Driving gloves

Back in the day, when steering wheels were made from wood and the AC hadn’t yet found its place on the dash, driving gloves were a necessity to protect drivers’ hands from splinters and to provide extra grip for sweaty, summer palms. Do we actually need driving gloves today? Well, not exactly, however they are so ridiculously stylish that we are more than happy to see this age-old tradition live on.

Driving gloves are ridiculously stylish


‘Go big or go home’ is the rule here. Not only because they look incredibly chic, but having full coverage will eliminate the glare that bounces off the dash and road from all angles. You don’t want lenses that are too dark as they’ll impair your visibility, but they should be tinted enough to reduce strain on your eyes. Try a vintage style a la Audrey Hepburn for an uber-glam look behind the wheel.

Big sunglasses are a must behind the wheel

Driving shoes

While owning a pair of shoes designated purely for driving around may seem a little OTT, there are good reasons why they deserve a place in the book (aka second wardrobe) of your car. The pebbled soles provide extra grip on the car pedals (consider them a safety feature?) and the rubber pebble detailing on the heel is designed to reduce wear and tear on the shoe itself. Meaning, by not wearing your regular shoes while driving, they will remain in great condition for longer (consider them an investment?).

Driving shoes will keep your regular shoes in great nick

Key rings

Spotted dangling off Kaia Gerber’s jeans and worn as charms on many a fashionista’s designer handbag, key rings are back as this season’s must-have accessoire. Besides adding an element of fun to your drive, they also serve their practical purpose of keeping you organised and making it easier to find your keys in your bag. And being the gorgeous accessories that they are, you’ll naturally want to take care of them so will be much less likely to misplace your keys.

Key rings are this season's must-have accessory

The chariot

Of course the best accessory for on-the-road style is the car itself and Audi’s Q8 SUV is the ultimate modern day chariot. Its design is svelte and sophisticated, it is decked out with pioneering technology and has a deliciously luxurious interior. It’s also an all-wheel drive, which means you can have fun with it off the asphalt as well. The Q8 is elegant, powerful and intelligent – the perfect accessory for a gal like you!

Audi's Q8 is the ultimate modern day chariot


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