For some gun owners, the primary motivation is protecting their home and family. Some are more interested in hunting for sport or survival. Still others simply  enjoy the art of marksmanship and take frequent trips to the gun range. Each of these are valid reasons for exercising one’s Second Amendment rights, though they all require a balance between safety and usefulness. Follow the guidelines listed in this article to maintain the best of both worlds.

Keep Track of Your Weapons

Though it sounds like common sense, making sure all guns are stored and accounted for is a vital component of owning such powerful tools. While not in use, firearms should be locked away in an appropriate safe. Many newer models offer easy accessibility through fingerprint or other biometric means while keeping the dangerous contents out of the wrong hands. When a gun owner needs to take the weapon out, using a concealed shoulder holster or a similarly safe option keeps it handy while being difficult for a bad actor to grab without permission.

Keep Track of Your Purpose

Knowing why a person wants to own a gun will effectively influence what type of firearm he or she will choose. Hunters might gravitate toward a shotgun, but different calibers and models are more effective depending on the type of animal being targeted.

Keep Track of Your Capabilities

Before even purchasing a preferred type of firearm, be sure to do all of the appropriate research and training. Many classes provide the basic safety steps every gun owner should follow. Beyond that, many people benefit from continuing education as well as supervised practice.
Millions of enthusiasts have their own personal reasons for owning guns. No matter the motivation, though, there are a few key details to remember. Focus on the points outlined above to stay safe and have fun while carrying a weapon.

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