Swiss luxury brand Gübelin highlights its passion for coloured gemstones through a one-of-a-kind sapphire and diamond ring that celebrates one of nature’s most alluring creations, the jellyfish.

Dubbed the Glowing Jellyfish, the ring was inspired by a sapphire inclusion that evokes the movements and the grace of a jellyfish.

Set in platinum, it features a fine oval sapphire centre stone from Kashmir and replicates the jellyfish’s gentle swirling movements to add a creative dynamic to the classic entourage design, according to Gübelin.

Diamond accents move gently but suggestively around the deep blue centre stone as if drawn by a gentle current.

Handmade by the artisans of the Gübelin Jewellery Atelier, Glowing Jellyfish is not only a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art but also an expression of Gübelin’s unique jewellery aesthetic.

“Gübelin’s jewellery has always been inspired by nature, and in particular by the magnificent coloured gemstones it uses. Unlike other jewellers, however, Gübelin takes its inspiration not just from the outer beauty of stones, but also from their fascinating inner worlds,” the jewellery brand said.

The company finds inspiration from inclusions such as microscopic bubbles, striations and other forms found in most coloured gems and that arise as the stone’s crystal grows in the depths of the earth.

The Glowing Jellyfish piece, for instance, was inspired by a zircon crystal inclusion trapped in a sapphire host. Common in sapphires, these inclusions can result in fascinating halo effects.

In this case, the halo also suggests a crown, reminiscent of the sapphire’s traditional associations with royalty. Picking up on these motifs as well as the jellyfish’s iridescent glow, Gübelin’s designers conceived a collection of supple shapes revolving around a dynamic core, reflected in the diamond entourage around the ring’s fine blue stone. A part of Gübelin’s Deep Sea world of fine jewellery, the ring puts the mysteries of the deep blue waters on its bearer’s finger.

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