online gold jewellery shopping in india

Online Gold jewellery shopping in India Vs Offline buying:  Buying jewellery either online or online can be tricky unless you are an aware customer. When it comes to choosing between buying jewellery online or offline, both have their advantages that may suit to customers with different shopping tastes respectively. Nevertheless, in the second decade of the 21st century, when the internet has reached in almost every hand, online shopping can be beneficial on multiple counts. According to Shailen Mehta, co-founder,  eJOHRI, online shopping may be more beneficial because of easy payment options, return policy, discount offers etc.

“Twenty-first Century is an era of digitization, where everything is available online from groceries to gadgets. Consumers today are recognizing the benefits of digitization and asking for more personalised domains. Stats show that Indian consumers are getting more and more comfortable with online shopping due to easy payment options, return policies and faster delivery time and various types of discounts,” Mehta told FE Online.

Offline shopping gives a hands-on experience to the customers. They can see, touch and feel the product and make a purchasing decision after becoming satisfied with the item. However, buying from the store leaves the buyers with a limited number of designs and options to choose from. In contrast, online jewellery shopping solves the problems of time constraints, logistics, variety of choice and helps to make an informed decision choice.

Mehta suggested certain points customers should keep in mind while buying jewellery online, such as:

  • Check the authenticity of the site
  • Check the purity of jewellery ordered
  • Check if the seller is offering hallmark certification
  • Check details of making charges before purchasing
  • Check the buyback or return policy
  • Check for an authentic bill.

Purchasing jewellery has been an inherent part of Indian tradition and culture for generations. With the advent of technology, buying jewellery has become much easier than in the past.

e-Johri is an omnichannel jewellery start-up, which recently raised $1 million funding in a Pre-Series round. eJOHRI platform is currently hosting some of the most popular jewellery retailers such as PNG Jewellers, Ranka Jewellers, Waman Hari Pethe,  D.P Jewellers, P.C Chandra, PMJ Jewels and IBJA Gold.


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