Kendall Jenner pays homage to her dog.

 Kendall Jenner pays homage to her dog. Photograph: Backgrid

Going up

Pets on planes On a flight to Milan, Kendall Jenner wore a top paying homage to her dog – the fashion equivalent of an emotional support animal.

Renaissancecore A thing, according to Man Repeller. Think brocade, velvet and pearl-encrusted. AKA the Renaissanaissance.

Talking-point tights Put down the plain opaques: this season’s hottest hosiery is lacy and logo-covered.

Bakuchiol Retinol has fallen out of favour with some skincare experts, with many switching to this plant-derived alternative instead.

Just jumpers Summer 2019’s ubiquitous slipdress and jumper combination? Thank you, next.

Going down

Fast interiors Another booming Instagram obsession – but cheap homeware trends come and go as quickly as fashion fads. Time to go slow.

Matching shoes Don’t be so obvious! It’s all about odd trainers on the Gucci catwalk, and a more subtly mismatched shoe collection from French brand Caval.

Air kisses We’re all for visible lipstick kisses, as seen on Phoebe Waller-Bridge as she collected her Emmy. Mwah.

Glass mug of hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, on white background
 Gulp. Photograph: Getty Images

Hot apple cider Swap for hot gin cocktails such as spiced mulled sloe. Warming.

The pillow bra Bizarre underwear claims to fight “cleavage wrinkles”. Sounds bonkers, looks worse.


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