It’s kind of crazy how certain scents can instantly evoke memories you’d completely forgotten about. The smell of warm gingerbread cookies, for example, can transport you to that night you slept underneath the Christmas tree while waiting for Santa and his reindeer to show up. Sunscreen and coconut oil can remind you of drinking a daiquiri on the beach in Hawaii years ago. And Chloé Love Story might make you recall an ex-boyfriend’s… mom?
That’s because spritzing your favorite perfume is an experience in itself — and it’s usually done before a big moment. However, there are some moments we’d really like to forget. Immediately. Ahead, R29 editors share the scents that are forever tied to awkward, cringe-y memories.
“When I was in the eighth grade, my friend gave me this mini of Vera Wang Princess for my birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the container was glass, so I shoved it in my school bag. It completely shattered and the fragrance spilled all overI mean, everywhere. My bag smelled like a bouquet for months afterwards. I was too embarrassed to tell my parents what happened and I couldn’t afford to buy a new bag, so I just wore it as a personal air freshener until the last day of school.” – Jen Anderson, editorial assistant

Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray, $75, available at Ulta.



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