While many brands continue to categorize (especially in online stores) their offerings, there are some products that simply need no gendering. Perfume certainly is one of the countless products that is still often divided between men and women, though there are several brands now who make fragrances for all genders—the only deciding factor is which scent the individual likes best. From Thirdman to Agonist, Apolis and beyond, we have been sniffing every unisex fragrance we have been able to get our noses on. Now we have decided to round-up some of the newest perfumes that have piqued our interest.

Ann Ringstrand

Made in small batches in France, Ann Ringstrand’s range of perfumes are packaged in an art-forward but simple way. We adore all three of the options: “Touch” (which is leathery, but fresh), “Ground” (which is aromatic, incense-y without being overpowering) and “Gather” (earthy, spicy and enticing). The Swedish design brand also makes candles in each fragrance—if you’re not ready to commit to a perfume just yet.


When we first smelled DASEIN’s “Winter Nights” perfume, we were immediately hooked, thanks to its notes of coastal forest, cardamom tea, and lavender. The delightfully dark but crisp scent was created by DASEIN’s Sam Rader and fellow indie perfumer Josh Meyer, and the result is unusual, but lovely. The brand also makes fragrances called “Summer,” “Spring,” “Autumn,” and “Winter,” and each is hand-blended in LA’s Glassell Park.


We wrote about PHLUR’s collection of genderless fragrances last summer, but they have just introduced a very clever addition to their range. Their new travel bottle, called The Wanderer isn’t just an extra size of perfume to purchase, it’s an empty case for you to fill with the PHLUR scent you already own. Super-simple to use, you just pump the larger bottle into the travel case. We’ve found having Olmsted & Vaux while on the go in NYC’s sweltering summer an essential.

Carlen Parfums

Taking the idea of gender and really playing with it, Carlen Parfums has named its fragrances everything from “Men of Blame” to “Butch Femme.” The simple bottle design, black lettering, and the fact that each fragrance is fresh and alluring in its own way all contribute to these scents being neither masculine nor feminine. We especially like “Viridescent,” which includes notes of green leaf, sweet hay, sandalwood, oud, and floral musk

Hero image courtesy of PHLUR, all others courtesy of respective brands

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