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Not only do Indians celebrate many festivals throughout the year, but they also religiously follow the rituals and traditions that each festival individually dictates. The festive attire, among other things, is an important part of celebration.

Today, as we celebrate Makar Sankranti across the country — especially in northern India — we discuss the importance of the colour black. Did you know that unlike other festivals, wherein the colour is considered inauspicious, black is worn especially on the occasion of Makar Sankranti? Why is it so?

A festival celebrated according to the solar calendar, Makar Sankranti is the shifting of the sun symbolising the return of longer days. This festival marks the end of winter. Several devotees offer prayers for a good crop harvest and for more prosperity and fortune.

Since Makar Sankranti marks the last day of the solstice, it is thought to be the coldest day of winter. Black, as a colour, absorbes all the heat in contrast to other colours. It is, therefore, chosen so as to stay warm on a cold winter day.

According to Rupa Thakkar, designer/owner at R T Couture, here is how you can look your ethnic best on this day by embracing the colour and incorporating some trendy outfit ideas; read on.


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