Classic pearl and diamond jewellery go well with understated dresses and tops.

One can wear a nice dress, but the look can be incomplete without the right accessories. Accessories can turn an outfit from drab to fab. To look your best, put in extra effort into selecting your fashion accessories as you do the main components of your ensemble.

Some of the classic trends that are doing rounds this season are candy-coloured jewellery and choker-shaped pieces, say experts. Sanchit Jain and Mohit Malhotra from Kohar Jewels as well as Ageerika Hari from Vaitaanika present a list of accessories that are trending nowadays:

* Chunky jewellery, is meant to make a bold impact as it adds a pop of colour, texture and shine to your look. Statement earrings goes very well with a dress with high neckline. One can also wear chunky earrings if the dress has embroidery or any interesting pattern.

* Classic collections include pearl or diamond jewellery. These accessories go well with understated dresses and tops, black and leather accessories.

* Candy-coloured jewellery pieces like resin bracelets or colourful watches go well with plain tops and dresses. They add a pop of colour and playfulness to the outfit.

* Delicate jewellery provides a subtle shine to any outfit. Delicate rings, necklaces and earrings can make you look pristine. Any plain outfit will enhance the delicateness of your jewellery and emphasise on design.

* Wear either gold or silver jewellery but never both. Hair accessories trump the look as these are the accessories that people notice first. Always add a piece of jewellery one cant go wrong with a bit of extra shine.

* To make your look pop,layer several pieces together.

* Bright coloured earrings, stacked bracelets of different materials, and vintage jewellery are all great statement accessories. A sleep pendant necklace can make as much of a statement as a bejewelled chocker. Enamel pins are also a form of jewellery, and are incredibly popular right now.

* For a glamorous look, one can opt for chandelier earrings, statement necklaces, cocktail rings , and stone encrusted accessories.

* Bold and unique accessories or jewellery should be worn with understated clothing, and only one piece per outfit. The key rule that less is more is true. Balance the size of your accessory pieces.

* If you are wearing a statement necklace, skip wearing earrings or keep it simple.




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