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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who has stepped into the business field along with her sister Rhea Kapoor to launch high street fashion brand Rheson, says a creative business like fashion is riskier as compared to a business of things for daily needs.

“I think any creative business is more risk-taking because eventually, it is up to the consumer to like it. It is not like a product of daily need like bread or milk. Fashion is almost like a film where you have to go by the response of the people since you are selling a concept,”
Sonam told IANS here.

“Our fashion brand is also about a concept and thankfully, we are getting a good response so far,” she added.

The first collection of Rheson revolves around childhood memories and nostalgia.

Sonam, whose sister Rhea has always been behind the scenes contributing to her ‘fashion icon’ image, said: “We are reliving our childhood through this collection. As kids, we used to use Natraj pencils and erasers, we used to have those orange and yellow colored compass boxes… Those were our favorite and must-have stationery pieces.

“So in our stationery print collection, we used those elements as prints. My mother used mogra flowers and perfume, so in our sari collection, we used mogra prints as an ode to our mother. There are a lot of such elements we have incorporated.”

To ensure Rheson reaches out to its target audience, the talented sisters have partnered with Shoppers Stop, and Sonam believes this collaboration will help them position their brand correctly.

A National Award winning actress, who won a Special Mention for her role in Neerja, Sonam’s image has largely remained as a fashionista. People say her beauty, fashion sense and style overpower her artistic talent often — how does she deal with that?

“Honestly, I handle them as they should be handled… I don’t take them to my heart. I know what I am capable of, so I keep working towards that. Eventually, you will achieve your goal and people will understand your ability. In fact, that is the core concept of the brand… That there is no reason that you cannot achieve anything,” she said.

The same mantra seems to hold true for her as far as sexism is concerned.

“I think we face sexism in every field or profession because it is a patriarchal society and a certain mind conditioning on what the women are capable of. So I think the best way to change the scenario is when we explore our potential, when a woman uplifts another woman, encourages her to grow… Then nobody can bring us down,” said the daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor.


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