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Let’s be real everyone: makeup is a necessity at times, but it is a real pain in the butt (especially for those of us who struggle to even put on mascara.

However, there are ways for us rookies to be successful in the world of makeup and cosmetics! To be honest, I had to conduct a lot of research in order to write this article and many of you are wondering, “why is she qualified to write this if she isn’t good at doing makeup?”

Well, I’ll tell you why! People who have a general knack for performing the necessary steps for achieving a smoky eye don’t quite understand the struggles that us rookies have to go through, so they tend to skip over minor, yet important, details for those of us who struggle in this department.

If you need some first-class tips for us second-class makeup users, then read on!

Buying makeup

The first step to using makeup is actually buying the makeup. Now, you might think that it’s necessary to purchase the crème-de-la-crème of makeup, but let’s be real … no one wants to spend huge amounts of money on something that they barely know how to use. So, from one rookie to another, go to CVS and buy whatever they have there.

I often purchase L’Oréal products because I find that they work the best, but Cover Girl and Revlon are also great. In terms of what to buy, you obviously need to purchase the essentials (mascara, cover-up, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, etc.), but the tricky part is deciding what type of face makeup to buy, which you definitely need to be much more strategic about.

Face makeup

When buying face makeup, you want to refrain from buying anything that feels like you are caking your face. For example, I would opt for bebe cream instead of foundation because foundation is tricky to use; if you aren’t great at makeup, you will either put way too much on or not enough. In addition, you don’t want to purchase a cheap bronzer because these bronzers usually make people look orange.

Now, why would I be talking about face makeup in an article about eye makeup? Well, surprisingly, the way you do your face makeup has a lot of effect on how your eye makeup appears. Your face is the entire base and background of your eye makeup, and therefore it is equally as important.

Eye liner

One of the most difficult aspects of eye makeup is eyeliner. You can get one eye perfect and then the next eye you keep messing up and have to keep making the line thicker and thicker until your entire eyelid is covered in black. Because of this struggle, I would recommend using black eye shadow as eye liner. Using eye shadow gives you more room for error because you can always blend the eye shadow in if you mess up.

Using eye shadow not only gives you more room to make an error but also makes for a more natural, less aggressive look. I usually only use eye liner if I am going for something more casual because I think that the eye shadow makes the eyes look a little nicer. Another quick tip about eye liner: avoid under-eye liner. You don’t want to give yourself raccoon eyes … trust me on this.

Eye shadow

When doing your eye shadow, make sure that you use a coat of primer on your eyelids and then a very pale pink as the base color. The primer helps the eye shadow stay on your eyes without falling, and the pale pink base coat brightens up your eyes before putting on any other makeup.

Sometimes, I even just leave the pale pink coat and call it a day. When you are adding on different shades, put the darker colors on the outside of your eyes and then allow the eye shadow to ombré in towards the inside of your eyes (towards your nose).


Mascara is the most important item for eye makeup. Sometimes I just wear mascara without anything else … you would be amazed at how much this uplifts your face and gives you a more put-together look. The beauty of mascara is that it’s decently cheap and it’s so easy to use. I would try to avoid eyelash curlers because they have the potential to break your eyelashes.

If you want your mascara to be more aggressive, start with one coat, let it dry, and apply another one or two coats. Make sure that your eyelashes don’t clump: a simple way to avoid clumping is through using clear serum for your eyelashes.

Now, if this all fails, find yourself a friend who is great at eye makeup and is willing to do yours whenever you guys are together. Good luck to all of my fellow eye makeup rookies: have patience with yourself and remember that eye makeup is not necessary because every single one of you is beautiful without it!





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