Jewellery For Face

According to experts, the jewellery which you wear should be chosen keeping in mind your jaw line and face length.

Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO and co-founder at (e-commerce portal), and Shehzad Zaveri, Creative Director at Minawala (diamond jewellery house), have rolled out tips to guide you better:

* Round shaped face should be accessorised in a manner that it gets an elongated appearance. Narrow chandelier and teardrop earrings look best on round faced beauties.

* Rectangular shaped faces can opt for button earrings and dainty ear studs.

* Oval shaped faces are the ones where lots of versatility can be explored. Women with this kind of face cut can wear danglers and big hoops. Oblong-shaped faces can opt for button styled earrings and circular ear studs as well.

* Women with square shaped faces should avoid wearing very wide earrings. They should opt for long drops, hoops and elongated narrow earrings as they soften the appearance of their wide jaw line.

* Triangle shaped faces can easily pull off heart or pan shaped danglers and ear cuffs. For neckpieces, multilayered or single chain necklaces that draws V line would be a good option.

* Danglers and hoops accentuate diamond shaped face. Make sure that the danglers should not be diamond shaped as it will exaggerate the face lines. Collar or princess neck pieces suits them the best.




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