Hot weather calls for you to ditch the makeup bag

Hot weather is both a blessing and a curse – but it can be bad news if you’re applying a full face of makeup in blistering heat.

If you’re a huge makeup fan and can’t leave the house without a full face, even when you’ve got a sweaty commute ahead of you in the middle of a heatwave, maybe you should reconsider.

It turns out that covering your face in cosmetics can actually be really harmful for your skin when in heat.

A clear face is better in the sweaty weather
A clear face is better in the sweaty weather. Picture: Getty spoke to a number of medical professionals who all told us that no good can come from layers of thick slap in the heat.

Dr Clare Morrison of MedExpress told us that : “Make-up is best avoided in hot weather because it impairs the skin’s ability to cool down through sweating.”

It’s also quite gross, as “it can also be a breeding ground for germs, leading to skin infections and rashes.”

A full face of slap in the heat won't do you any favours
A full face of slap in the heat won’t do you any favours. Picture: Getty

Leading skin repair expert Lorena Oberg agreed with Dr Morrison’s statement, saying: “let’s face it, we all love makeup but I hate to break it, in hot weather it is bad for your skin.”

She continued to explain: “Makeup can make skin drier or more oily than it usually.

“The irritation can cause blemishes, uneven skin tone and can lead to a breakout of spots”

Dr Clare added that the worst offender is: “Mascara, in particular, is liable to run, increasing the risk of eye infections.”

Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, Group Medical Director for the UK’s leading skincare clinic group, sk:nechoed both their comments, saying that “The change in weather and increased heat can lead to changes in the skin in terms of natural oil production.

“This together with makeup, can cause occlusion and congestion of the skin, which could worsen blackheads, whiteheads or acne.”

So what can we do to tackle the heat? Braving a bare face can be quite daunting, but with the right products you can get your skin makeup-free-ready.

Taking your makeup off could be beneficial
Taking your makeup off could be beneficial. Picture: Getty

Murad have a few go-to products that we’d highly recommend for clearing up your skin and giving it a great glow ready for those hot summer days.

Their Blemish Rescue Kit (£35) is a new launch and includes four amazing products that’ll help you tackle any blemishes and imperfections, giving you Insta-worthy skin.

This paired with the Clarifying Toner (£25), swept over your face after cleansing both in the morning and night will be an absolute dream – trust us.


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