We live our lives in denim. A good pair blends fashion and function to capture a chapter of our lives in a way that not much else can

Do you want to make ethical fashion choices and look stylish? Some eco-friendly denim brands are offering stylish and organic pieces you can add to your wardrobe. From futuristic denim technology brands like e-indigo, chrome chord, hybrid chinos to handloom ones like ikat, denim is witnessing a revolution in terms of design aesthetics and accessibility to cater to the “evolving” mentality of the customers.

Arvind Ltd, a textile to retail and brands conglomerate, along with Invista, an integrated producer of fibres, displayed some of the variants of this wardrobe staple through its exclusive denim collection named aGravity’ at its annual event Arvind Festive 2018 here.

“Sustainability is the need of the hour and keeping this in mind, many brands are opting for sustainable options. Technology too helps in a big way and this is the reason why some of our denim range can even be washed with a glass of water with the right use of technology,” Aamir Akhtar, CEO, Denims, Arvind Ltd, said..

“Denim is already used as cross product category as consumers in India are turning very discerning. There are evolved customers and brands are playing a big role. People are focussing on the importance of recycling. The whole mentality is evolving,” he added.

Their collection was introduced through engaging displays and a runway show highlighting some of the most desired features of modern-day expression of energy.

A unique experiential concept — The ADL Experience: Art and Science of Denim wash — curated and developed by on-board international laundry experts Giovanni Petrin and Andrea, who have been previously instrumental in the success story of the famed Italian laundry Martelli, was also displayed.

The installation showcased the right, aspirational, yet sustainable denim wash directions. The wash trend collection has been developed at Arvind Denim Lab (ADL) using eco-friendly technologies and processes.

There was also a visually stimulating Indigo Art Centre for a sneak peek into their vision of aIndigo-inspired lifestyle’. This section of the event focused on creating endless possibilities with indigo beyond just jeanswear.

E-indigo, an innovative line, uses a new indigo dyeing technology, which is not only substantially more sustainable compared with traditional dyeing techniques, it also imparts a fresh appeal to the finished product.




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