When it comes to relationships, the old saying is that opposites attract—but fashion-wise, the most famous couples of the moment have embraced a more unified approach. There’s the polished J-Rod and Nickyanka, two A-list pairs who always coordinate classic ensembles for their day-to-day outings, or the grungier Biebers, who have a penchant for wearing matching streetwear. Now, there’s a stylish new link-up to throw into the mix with a like-minded aesthetic: singer Dua Lipa and model Anwar Hadid.

Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid Are Fashions Latest It Couple

Yesterday, the two stars made their debut as a couple at a concert in Hyde Park, London—and their couple’s style began with a bang. Both chose casual festival looks that had more of a fashion spin. Lipa wore an oversize sports cardigan—the Toronto Blue Jays, surprisingly—with high-waisted khakis and mounds of gold jewelry, a classic black fanny pack slung around her shoulder. Meanwhile, Hadid chose a quilted green jacket that complemented her khakis, wearing it with an unbuttoned shirt underneath and black trousers.

Seeing how both Lipa and Hadid are heavily involved in the fashion scene—Hadid walks the runways, while Lipa often wears frocks from the runways—this budding romance is sure to be heavy on the looks to come. And considering their first score happened while off-duty this weekend, one can only imagine what an official red carpet appearance would look like.


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