Makeup-free girls, you have a lot going on for you.

Wearing no makeup can be quite advantageous!

When you don’t wear makeup, it can sometimes feel like you’re the odd one among beauty addicts.

Sure, you wear the odd eyeliner and lipstick to a wedding but besides that, you like it fuss-free and bare. Little do you know that, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, not wearing makeup could actually work to your advantage! Here’s how.

1. You’ll Never Waste Time In the Morning

You will never need to waste a good half an hour drawing your winged eyeliner to rub off the flick and start all over again. You save plenty of time for more valuable things like, sleep. If you wanted to, you could literally wake up, wash up, dress up and head out of the door in 15 minutes!

2. You’ll Never Find Makeup Trickling Down With Sweat

At the gym, you won’t be the girl with the full face of (smudged) makeup who slathers it on to look good even while working out. You don’t need to be careful when you’re active and you can sweat it out as much as you like.

3. You Won’t Regret Rubbing Your Eyes

During your post lunch slump, you won’t fear rubbing your eyes and finding them resembling a raccoon’s. Yes, you can rub freely without the consequences of smudged eyeliner – how great is that!

4. You Won’t Fear Contacts

If you don’t wear contacts, you won’t know the pain of a stray lash of mascara blob getting on it. And if you’re a no-makeup kinda girl; then, you lucky thing, that’s a worry that you’ll never have.

5. Your Lipstick Won’t Go Awry

How many times have you horrifically discovered you’ve been roaming around with lipstick on your teeth all morning? Or even worse, a smudged streak on your chin post lunch? For the makeup-free girl, none. Because your lip balm is enough, you’ll never have these lipstick worries!

6. Your Makeup Won’t Leak

You can step out in the monsoon without fear of getting caught in a downpour, something that many makeup addicts are terrified to do. And that’s because you won’t be faced with leaky eyeliner and streaked lipstick.


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