Contract manufacturer Mixer joins Spain’s Perfume Academy Foundation

The fragrance contract manufacturer Mixer & Pack has become a part of the list of members for the prestigious Perfume Academy Foundation of Spain.

Mixer & Pack now joins the likes of multinational major fragrance players that already include L’Oreal, Shiseido, Puig, Firmenich, LVMH, Coty and Chanel.

The Perfume Academy was established in Madrid ten years ago and took a significant evolutionary step last year when it became a foundation, with the objective of promoting both fragrance and culture in Spain.

The Perfume Academy Foudnation

Since its inception as an academy, the foundation has built up its membership from 14 to 18 strong, including the addition of Mixer & Pack, thanks to its more transparent and far reaching representation of the fragrance industry in Spain.

The other three international fragrance players that have given the foundation’s membership the additional boost include International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) and Givaudan, as well as the Revelon-Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and fragrance business.

The total of 18 players reflects the biggest fragrance businesses in Spain, which has increased its profile in the international perfume arena thanks to the growing influence of companies like Barcelona-based Puig, not to mention Mixer & Pack.

Mixer’s role in the foundation 

Mixer & Pack is raising its profile within the foundation by serving as a part of the organisation’s Perfume Academic’s board since November of last year.

This is the first move by an perfume association to have an academic representation, which is made up of a panel of seven purely academic members, three merit and two honour members to make up 12-

 “it is an absolute honour that the Perfume Academy Foundation has made Mixer & Pack one of the protagonists and representatives for the Perfumery and Cosmetics sector in Spain, ” ​said Agustín Gómez, member of the Board of Directors of Mixer & Pack.


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