Colourpop's Crystal-Infused Collection Practically Radiates Good Vibes

Enlightenment is now closer within reach—of your makeup bag, that is, thanks to Colourpop’s Crushed Crystal Collection. The brand’s latest launch further drives home the point that the healing crystal trend in beauty products won’t be fading anytime soon with their 12-piece range, which is infused with the crystals you probably have sitting on your desk.

Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad and Spencer Pratt would be equally proud.

The lineup contains four mini-collections that each include a face mist, liquid highlight, and holographic lip balm. They’re all centered around four different crystals with the intent on evoking different characteristics or emotions. For example, the purple-tinted Amethyst collection above is meant to channel the inner wisdom and strength in the same way being around the actual rock would. Whether or not you believe the hype surrounding crystals (we’re on the fence), the duo-chromatic finishes of the highlighter and lip balm prove to flatter every skin tone, and we love how the face mists multitask to set makeup, prime your face, or act as a mid-day refresher. No word yet on how effective the range is at deflecting the haters, though.

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