A brightly-colored sketch from the bridal collection. Photo: Christian Siriano

Some fashion ventures make so much sense, you’re surprised to learn that they didn’t already exist. The latest example? Christian Siriano, who is partnering with Kleinfeld (of “Say Yes to the Dress” fame) to launch a line of bridal gowns.

Kleinfeld originally tapped the designer for a capsule range, but thanks to its success, Siriano will host his first-ever bridal show with the retailer on April 18 to launch an official collection. Considering his penchant for fantasy and ability to whip up gorgeous, frothy gowns, it’s almost shocking that Siriano didn’t branch out into bridal much, much sooner, but as it turns out, the actual business of brides has proved daunting.

“I never really turned it into a collection just because it’s such a big undertaking,” Siriano tells Fashionista. “It was just one of those things where I was kind like, ‘Do we do it? Is it possible? Do we think it’s a great business decision?’ As my business gets bigger and we have more team and help, I think now is the perfect time.”

[Source:-Fashionista ]

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