Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau De Toilette Perfume

With the starting of 2016 the brand of Dior unveiled its new Poison Girl aroma advancing its popular fragrance into the new era. The strong eau de parfum concentration included notes of bitter orange, two varieties of roses with damask rose and rose from Grasse all set on a warm attractive foundation of almonds, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and balsams. The beginning of 2017 meets the eau de toilette version with Poison Girl eau de toilette in a brighter more refreshing appearance.

Developed by Francois Demachy perfumer of the original release the new variant is described as more liberal and audacious with a more essential impression. The sensation of surprise is preserved with aromatic ingredients of frozen orange, warm roses from Grasse and effervescent neroli unfurling in a block chain of shocking changes that are absolutely charming.

The popular bottle of the Poison perfume collection has changed from the darker magical pink tone and now includes a brighter pink tone while the new Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette is expected to be available in 30ml 50ml and 100ml versions from the beginning of 2017.

Christian Dior Poison Girl 30ml/1.0oz EDP – Eau de Toilette
Christian Dior Poison Girl 50ml/1.7oz EDP – Eau de Toilette
Christian Dior Poison Girl 100ml/3.4oz EDP – Eau de Toilette

[Source:- perfumemaster]

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