Working on your feet all day can take its toll leaving your feet tired and sore. The wrong shoes can even cause more foot problems as time passes. Work boots must handle the rigors of the work environment while still providing enough cushion to make them comfortable to wear day in and day out. Here are some tips for choosing a pair of work boots you can comfortably wear.

Arch Support

A good pair of work boots like Red Wing Boots NYC have strong arch support. Spread the impact of your steps with strong arch support. The ligaments connecting your toes to your heel have pressure relief preventing heel pain. Strong arch support enables you to have a stable foot which helps prevent pain in the back, knees and hips.

Right Fit

When purchasing a pair of work boots, the construction and features are important to how they wear, but the fit may be more important. Wear the socks you normally wear when you try them on, move your feet around them. Walk around the store, squat, bend and move the way you do at work to see how they feel.

Comfort Features

The height and weight of the boot also contribute to the overall comfort. Consider what you plan to use the boots for before purchasing them. While a taller boot may be ideal in certain professions, the added weight may not be comfortable for regular wear. Insulation and water resistance are other considerations that can affect the comfort and function of the boots.

Cushioned Soles

A good, cushioned sole feels like walking on clouds. Much like the suspension in your car keeps the chassis off the tires, the sole of your boots keeps your feet away from the solid ground.

Lessen your overall pain with the right work boots. Not only can you find a pair that has maximum comfort, but the boots can be made with steel toes or composite toes to meet your workplace specifications. Working all day long doesn’t have to leave you in pain.

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