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Why should women wear long Slit Kurtis?

The Slit Kurti gives an excellent traditional and elegant look to the ladies. Conventional wear has made a mark by converting the traditional long heavy Kurtis into soft, silky, and fashionable Kurtis by giving it a western touch. In reality, Slit Kurtis has made a considerable mark in the Fashion Industry and made it one of the most fashionable attire in women’s wear. The women wearing the Slit Kurtis have set their bar a bit high with their classy and modern looks. All the credit goes to the designers who have designed such beautiful, charming Kurtis. There is more enhancement in the style of the Kurtis. One can wear these slit Kurtis with ripped jeans, palazzo, skirts, embroidered pants, or leggings. One can add ablaze their style parameter by wearing these slit Kurtis with ripped jeans or leggings.

The types of Slit Kurtis available for our style:

There are many patterns and shades of vibrant colours, according to which there are different types of Slit Kurtis, made with delicate quality fabrics and excellent designs.

  • Center Slit Kurti: As the name of the Kurti suggests, it has a high slit in the centre of the Kurti; one can choose it according to their style statement. There are printed solid-oriented colours.
  • Double Slit Kurti: There are double slits present in this attire. These Kurtis provide women with a classy traditional look with a little bit of western touch. There is a wide range of shades present in these styles.
  • Front High Slit Kurti: This Front high Slit Kurtis will surely make people feel good about their look. It will ablaze the body frame and look incredibly classy when the Slit Kurtipairs leggings and cigarette pants with statement accessories
  • Front Cut Slit Kurti: Wearing this front cut slit Kurti, one can turn many heads when they go outside. This classic cult look will provide a touch of glamour and update your style parameter.
  • Front Open Slit Kurti: These open Slit Kurtismust charm the people when you attend any party or a get-together. One looks remarkable when the ladies wear it. These Slit Kurtis have different fabrics and will indeed look great wearing them.


Ladies can pair up any bottom wear along with these stylish Kurtis. One can wear them to housewarming parties, weddings, garden parties, attend a reunion with colleagues and schoolmates, go on a romantic date. The footwear worn with these stylish and designer Kurtis would be casual Slippers, boots, ballets, shoes, or gladiators, which will perfectly match these Slit Kurtis. One can also add accessories with these Kurtis, which draw everyone’s attention towards them. A sling bag or backpack would be a perfect match with these Slit Kurtis.  These Kurtis are the newest craze in society, and one can look so stylish wearing them. They add glamour to the body frame, and one can buy them anywhere on the marketing websites like Libas, which has great deals and are available in various sizes.

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