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Bridgewater woman tells police she is a victim of identity theft after having a $1,000 of perfume charged to her card.

BRIDGEWATER – Earlier this week a Bridgewater woman opened a box, shipped to her home, but said she was not expecting what was inside it.

Inside was over $1,000 worth of perfume she said.

The Bridgewater woman told police, on Monday, that she had not purchased the perfume and that this was identity theft, according to the police log.

The woman told police that a charge for the perfume had appeared on her credit card.

Based on the charge, the perfume was bought in store at Bloomingdale’s at the Chestnut Hill Mall, police said.

According to the Bloomingdale’s online store the most expensive perfume is Clive Christian which is worth $5,500. There are also multiple brands on the House of Sillage worth $1,210.

Police did not specify if the perfume in the box were multiple bottles or one single one.

The woman told police when she called Bloomingdale’s they confirmed that it was identity theft and that a second package may be coming in the mail.


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