Bibliophiles know that sitting back with a book can transport you to another world in a matter of seconds. Your imagination is widened with each flip of the page, and at the last sentence, you can’t wait to start the magical experience all over again. But that’s not just the case for novels. Perfume connoisseurs will argue the same for fragrances — all it takes is one whiff to be transported from your studio apartment to a Parisian garden or the beaches of Capri. Now, thanks to one up-and-coming beauty brand, you can have your book and smell it too. Enter: Life on a Star, a scratch and sniff novel of sorts.
It comes from Laubahn Perfumes, a new fragrance company looking to bottle certain locations, landscapes, and experiences with scent. To do so, brand founder Stacey Bresnahan wrote the book “Life on a Star” — a novel that reads like The Hunger Games meeting Alice in Wonderland. But here’s what makes it so special: Inside the book is a scratch and sniff page intended to transport the reader to the places dictated in the story. In essence, it takes the power of story-telling to a whole new level with the help of the the brand’s newest fragrances.
But it gets even better — and a little more complicated. Throughout the book, the reader will find italicized names of fictional places. Those locations are “maps” to different fragrances available for purchase on the brand’s site (Naughty Garden and Lost in a Moment). Soon enough, Bresnahan says, there will be more.
Fans will be able to collect the perfumes as each one launches, filling out the written narrative with the corresponding scents that only further take the reader on an innovative ride through their imagination. Starting next month a rollerball of Lost in a Moment ($25), a full-size bottle of Naughty Garden ($175), and the book ($17.95) will be available on the brand’s site.

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