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A makeup organizer may sound like a purchase you simply don’t need, but it can actually save you a good amount of time as well as space. If you’re constantly digging through purses and crammed pouches to find the cosmetics you need every day, you’re just adding time to your morning makeup routine. If your makeup is spread out all over the place, it’s likely taking up more space than it needs to, plus it just looks messy.

Makeup organizers allow you to access the brushes, palettes, and other cosmetics you need without much thought. Once you know where every piece of your makeup collection is, picking up the product you need doesn’t require any extra effort. An organizer can help you condense your collection, encouraging you to keep products that you actually use and throw out ones that you haven’t used in years, and are likely expired.

Most standard makeup organizers aren’t that expensive and since women spend about $15,000 on beauty products in their lifetime, a decent organizer is worth protecting your cosmetic investments. Organizers are increasingly made out of acrylic materials nowadays, but there are also wooden and fabric-lined ones. Regardless of how well you take care of your organizer, makeup is simply prone to leaving behind power, reside, or liquids, so you should always consider how easily the materials of the organizer can be cleaned.

Types of makeup organizers

  • Makeup Trays: Trays are flat cosmetic organizers that require counter or drawer space. Makeup trays are typically divided into sections or have a folding design, which allows for several tiers of storage. Lie-flat organizers hold a small to medium makeup collection and are good for individuals who don’t have a lengthy makeup routine. Folding makeup trays will hold more items, but require more room to open completely. However, because there is no cover, cosmetics stored in makeup trays need to be cleaned often to prevent the buildup of dust and bacteria.
  • Makeup Bags: These are more like holders, rather than organizers for your cosmetics. If you have very few cosmetics, a makeup bag may work for you. They’re also good for overnight trips.
  • Makeup Caddies: These are what most people picture when they think of a makeup organizer. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials but most are comprised of small boxes and/or drawers that hold various cosmetics. Some makeup caddies have a flat surface on top, while others have a tabletop-like organizer top that allows you to set brushes and other cosmetics in them for easy access. Caddies are good for a medium to large makeup collection.
  • Makeup Carousels: These are a more fashionable type of makeup organizer. They usually have various bins to hold items that are stacked on top of each other. They have a tree-like shape and often swivel. Carousels require the same cleaning as makeup trays to keep everything free from dust and bacteria. They come in lots of sizes to suit any need.
  • Makeup Cases/Boxes/Trains: These are lifesavers for cosmetic gurus and professionals. They hold a lot of cosmetics and make every item easy to find. They typically have folding shelves or drawers allowing you to stack a lot of items inside. They are bulky, so some come with wheels or a handle.
  • Over the Door or Hanging Makeup Organizers: These aren’t as common, but they are sometimes the only option for people with no drawer or counter space. They’re basically makeup cupboards that you install on a door with separate pockets to keep cosmetics neat and easy to find.

The following picks are based on expert ratings along with customer reviews, photos, and videos. We’ve included several different types of organizers to suit most people’s needs.



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