Beautyblender x Supergoop! Might Be the Best Summer Beauty Collab Yet 

Picking two staples of our summer makeup routine is like Tough Mudder tough, but if we had to do it, we’d probably say ample sun protection and flawless foundation (none of that cakey, smeary stuff) is top priority. So yesterday was basically the best day ever since we found out about the beautyblender x Supergoop! limited edition summer collaboration. Best. News. Ever.

The collaboration is called the beautyblender sunny x Supergoop! Kit, which includes the Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 and an exclusive medium-sized yellow beautyblender. The blender is for easier and more manageable sunscreen application, especially on the face and for kids. But really, raise your hand if you’ve had trouble getting SPF properly applied to your ears. It’s not exactly easy. And while sunscreen is kind of the point of this little project, we wont hold it against you if you use it for seamless foundation application.

On top of all of that good news, 20 percent of the proceeds go towards Alex’s Lemonade stand, a charity that raises money for childhood cancer research and awareness.

The kit is retailing for $20 and is available now online exclusively onbeautyblender’s website. Since this is really a three-in-one, and the only opportunity you’ll possibly ever have to get a yellow beautyblender, you may want to stock up before summer ends.

[Source:- instyle]

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