Lots of people spend their whole lives looking for Oscar. We’re not sure if you heard, butLeonardo DiCaprio has yet to win one. Now you, yes you, have the chance to get some Oscar glory before the golden boy himself.

In a new pair of illustrations reminiscent of these two brain teasers, a couple people took Dudolf’s lead and made their own infuriating picture hunts. The first has an Oscars theme and is just as mind-wracking as the two Dudolf originals. Drawn by Mental Floss illustrator Mike Rogalski, it tasks the viewer with finding the Oscar among all the C3POs. Not to brag, but we found it in like three hours.

The key, should you struggle, is going line-by-line.

If you like the Star Wars theme, try this find-the-panda-amongst-the-Stormtroopers challenge. It’s by a BoredPanda community member and it may be the hardest one yet. Happy hunting.

[Source:- Refinery29]

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