Fashion is constantly changing. Something that was popular last year may no longer be relevant. However, on occasion some items make a comeback. In some cases it’s the following year while other times it’s twenty years or more later. Here are some of the latest accessories that are making their way back on the must have list.


Scrunchies were wildly popular back in the ’90s. They were the chosen form of hair wear for most women almost daily. When they weren’t being worn in the hair, they were frequently adorning women’s wrists. They are now making their official comeback and can be found in many fashion stores.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are something that have always been worn, but butterfly clips are starting to come back. These were considered extremely stylish amongst the younger crowd back in the early 2000s. They are used more for decoration as opposed to being functional. However, there are some larger clips that are very stylish and work nicely with keeping your hair up. If you’re looking for something to keep your locks out of your face while you eat your reese candy bouquet though, you should probably stick with the scrunchy trend.


This is another item that was frequently worn in the ’90s. While headbands have never officially completely gone out of style, they are becoming more popular among women. Most boutiques are now carrying different styles for you to choose from. The one you’ll likely see the most of is in silk or velvet with a knot on top.

Just because something is a trend doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow it. However, if you are anxious to get your hands on some of these popular items, you can probably find them at your local mall. If not, just search online and you will find plenty of options.

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