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Sun, sea, sand and… scents. We love choosing a new perfume each summer because we know that when the nights draw in, one spritz will instantly transport us back to the beach (and no need to pay easyJet’s baggage charges either).

The best summer scents are often inspired by our dream summer destinations, whether that’s the lemon groves of the Amalfi coast or the exotic, sun-drenched blooms of the Caribbean. Add in ocean notes of salt salt and yummy suncream accords of coconut and vanilla, and you’ve basically got a holiday in a bottle.

Oh and speaking of bottles, did we mention that summer scents are ALWAYS the prettiest? Here are nine you’ll love to show off on a shelf.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Tropics, £19.99

Tommy Girl Perfume

Notes of: Peach, jasmine, tonka bean and vanilla

‘Like vanilla cake mixed with exotic fruit but – amazingly – not too sweet with it. The jasmine actually makes it seem quite grown-up to my nose, but still with a fresh, fun edge.’ Beauty editor Octavia

2. Britney Spears Fantasy In Bloom, from £21.50 (30ml)

Britney Perfume

Notes of: Cherry blossom, berries, osmanthus and tuberose

‘Britney perfumes are still among the most popular on the planet, and this oh-so cute version of Fantasy is sweet and familiar (it has that Britney sugariness), but also a lovely summery element from the cherry blossom.’ Beauty editor Octavia

3. Monotheme Mandarino Eau de Toilette, £22 at M&S

Monotheme Perfume

Notes of: Just mandarin, through and through

‘A scent that celebrates a back-to-nature holiday: it’s simple and natural. It’s the smell I get on my hands when I’m munching satsumas – but fresher and lighter, like I’ve just picked them from a tree.’ Beauty writer Zoe

4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa Eau de Toilette, £30

Elizabeth Arden Perfume

Notes of: Green tea, Moroccan mimosa, white violet and heliotrope

‘A gorgeous bottle and a scent that’s even more heavenly. It’s airy, crisp and clean, and instantly gives me that floaty, carefree “I’m off-duty and I’m not gonna look at my emails” feeling.’ Beauty director Lynne

5. DKNY Nectar Love, from £40

DKNY Necter Love

Notes of: Nectarine, orange flower, cedarwood and vanilla

‘Honey isn’t one of the notes, but it definitely smells like it’s in there. This makes me think of tanned skin and cocktails at sunset.’ Beauty director Lynne

This is exclusive to The Perfume Shop from 2 July, but goes nationwide from 19 July

6. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent, from £42

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Notes of: Frangipani, coconut, jasmine and amber

‘I’ve never been on a yacht, or to St Tropez, but I’m pretty sure if I did, and was super-rich and looked like Gigi Hadid, life would always smell like this and I’d be happy forever. It’s like sunshine, luxury and a bit of suntan lotion in a bottle.’ Beauty editor Octavia

7. YSL Mon Paris, from £43 (30ml)

YSL Perfume

Notes of: Raspberry, tuberose, peony and datura flower

‘Sweet, but not in a sickly way. I like that it’s a bit floral, because I tend to go for more of those lighter scents in summer. I can smell the peony in it too, and that’s my favourite flower!’ Beauty writer Zoe

8. Les Gourmandises de Nina & Luna, £45 (50ml)

Nina Ricci Perfume

Nina has notes of: Lemonade, pina colada and caramelised praline

Luna has notes of: Pear, pink grapefruit, coconut milk and caramel

‘Two fragrances both very much in the “good enough to eat” category.’ Beauty writer Zoe

9. Givenchy Live Irresistible Eau de Parfum Delicieuse, from £47 (30ml)

Givenchy Perfume

Notes of: Cherry, French pastries, rose and almond

‘For a summer fragrance, this is big and bold. At first it’s a bit like being in a cake shop in Paris, then it gets all deep and rosy. More sleek city break than beach lounging.’ Beauty director Lynne

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