7 high-heel hacks (Image: Thinkstock)
Oh, how we suffer for fashion. A recent survey found out that nearly 43% women would wear a shoe they thought looks nice, even if it’s not really comfortable. High heels have always walked the ‘no-pain-no-gain’ style maxim. Cue in Victoria Beckham’s well-chronicled struggles with bunions all because of her 6-inch heels. For a person who once claimed, “She can’t concentrate in flats,” even Posh Spice has finally stepped down to flats. If you have to wear high heels try these style hacks.

  • Choose the right fit : If you are new to heels, start with platforms. If you want to start off on stilettos, take your time choosing the right fit. Tape your toes: Before going out, tape your third and fourth toes together using clear tape. This takes the pressure off the ball of the foot.
  • Mind the sweat : Moisture can cause ankle straps to slip and slide, use an antiperspirant or baby powder on your feet.
  • Sandpaper the sole : For extra grip, especially on new shoes, sandpaper the sole gently. Key word: gently.
  • Stretch ’em out : Put on thick woollen socks and stuff your feet into the shoes. Now aim a hair dryer at areas that pinch.
  • Cushion your feet : Use insoles, foot petals or place cotton balls under your toes for padding.
  • Break them in : Don’t keep your shoes crisp and new till the day when you first decide to wear them. Try them on at home. A thumb rule for heels is: never do it for more than two days at a stretch.




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