For fragrance that lasts all day long, here’s what you need to know.

These hacks will make sure you smell amazing for hours to come.

No matter how much you shelled out for it (a large chunk of your paycheck *gulp*) or whether it was made from rose extracts directly from the fields of Grasse, sometimes the biggest problem with most perfumes is how quickly they fade. Its quick disappearance is even more heartbreaking when it smells so divine that you’d like it to become your signature fragrance. Finally, we know how to change that. Follow these 6 perfume hacks to ensure that it stays longer and you smell amazing for hours to come.

1. Store It Well

The perfume’s journey doesn’t end once you purchase it from a high-end boutique. In fact, that’s where it all begins. Storing perfume well, especially the expensive ones, improves the longevity of its ingredients and extracts. Keep it away from damp, humid spaces like your bathroom counter. A shady spot away from direct sunlight like on top of your dresser is good spot to prevent any external influences from breaking down the fragrance.

2. Know Your Pulse Points

Your pulse points are certain areas on your body which emit heat. Spraying those selective spots with perfume ensures that it diffuses the scent all over the body. These spots are your wrists, neck, midriff and inside of your elbow. Also spritz behind your knees and calves to keep the fragrance flowing upward throughout the day.

3. Don’t Rub

Many have the habit of instantly rubbing their wrists together once perfume has been sprayed on. Stop that habit as rubbing breaks down the fragrance and causes its top notes to disappear faster than they should.

4. Find The Best Time

When your skin is moisturised, that’s the best time to spritz on perfume as this encourages the skin to retain the scent better. So once you’re out of the shower, pat yourself dry, spray perfume on your pulse points and allow it to dry naturally on the skin.

5. Vaseline To The Rescue

If you find yourself overly greasy and unable to retain any sort of fragrance for more than 10 minutes, turn to Vaseline. Apply just a smidgen of it on your pulse points, massage it onto your skin and then proceed to spritz yourself with perfume over it. As petroleum jelly is a wonderful moisture shield, it will encourage your fragrance blend to last longer.

6. Touch It Up

Touch-ups aren’t just for makeup, you know. If you find your scent fading by midday, keep this trick handy the next time you leave the house. Spray perfume on 2 – 3 clean cotton swabs and store them in a tiny zip-lock pouch in your purse. The next time you need a touch-up, just remove the swabs and rub over your neck and wrists. It’s so much easier than carrying around a bulky, tedious glass bottle.


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