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Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect skin with make-up? Make-up expert Meghna Butani says, “Women need to be careful while applying make-up to ensure a smooth and clean complexion. If they don’t, the skin can look patchy.”

Choose your foundation wisely
Opt for a foundation that suits your skin perfectly. Says Butani, “Your foundation should blend into your skin. Make sure that you choose one that is a shade lighter or darker to your normal skin tone.”

Moisturise your face and lips
Always use a soothing moisturiser — aloe vera or coconut-based one to ensure that your skin looks fresh and hydrated. Cosmetologist Dr Aparna Santhanam says, “Gently rub a toothbrush over your lips to remove dry and dead skin cells. Dab some moisturiser on your lips as well before you apply your lip colour.”

Use an under eye gel
If you are planning to use an under eye gel, always make sure that you apply a corrector before the under eye gel. This will make the eye area look clearer and not ashy.

Sparingly apply blush

While applying a blush always smile and dust the blush on the apples of your cheek. But you don’t have to apply it all the time. Sometimes it’s better to ditch the blush to make you look subtle.

Brushes for the right application
You also need to make sure that you have all the right tools that will help you achieve the look.
Blender sponge: This sponge should have an elliptical shape. The tip of the sponge serves well to apply make-up to tricky areas like the edge of your nose or your hair line.
Eye lash comb: It should be used twice, once before you curl your lashes and again after you have applied your mascara.
Blush brush: You should never use your foundation brush to apply blush. Foundation brushes are thicker while those for blush are not as thick and will help you put the right amount on your cheeks.
Lip brush: Lip brushes help you apply colours with precision as compared to applying it directly. Also when you apply it using a brush, chances of smudging it is comparatively less.


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