Signs Your Vehicle's Frame Is Bent

If you’ve ever been in a fender bender, it’s a jarring experience even if it’s minor. When your car sustains damage, sometimes it’s obvious and other times you don’t notice until later. One of the most common occurrences after an accident is a bent frame and here are four ways you can tell.

1. Car Pulls to One Side

There are several reasons why a car pulls to the side when you’re driving including a flat tire. However, if you’ve checked the tires and you still can’t keep the car straight, you may need frame straightening Lakewood CO. You can also tell the frame is bent if your front and back wheels leave separate tracks.

2. An Alignment Doesn’t Work

If you’ve recently taken your car in for an alignment but it won’t realign, you have a bent frame. Alignments are popular remedies for cars that drift off to one side or have uneven wear on their tires. These are also the same signs that appear when you have a car frame that’s bent.

3. Strange Noises

Nothing is more unsettling to a driver than a strange noise coming from the car. If you’ve had an accident and you’re now hearing odd creaks or squeaks that weren’t there before, a bent frame could be the culprit. Before stressing out, take your car to a reliable shop and have it assessed.

4. Damage Is Visible

The surest way to find out if a car’s frame is bent is by visual inspection. A vehicle in this condition will show cracks, bends or other damage underneath. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, bring your car to a reputable shop.

If you’ve recently been in an accident, be vigilant to signs your automobile’s frame is bent. If your car pulls or makes weird noises, get it to a shop immediately.

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